Mobile Apps

by Carl Gorringe
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Lines! is like a classic screensaver. Run the app, then place your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad upright on the table. Or just hold it in your hand. Watch as the lines move and bounce off the walls, as they smoothly transition between multiple colors. It's really pretty mesmerizing. Hope you enjoy it!

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Mega Picker

Mega Picker!

Mega Picker is a simple app that randomly generates lotto numbers specifically for the Mega Millions lottery. Double-tap on the screen and see the balls bounce around while generating your next winning lotto numbers!

If you do win something from using this app, please let me know by tapping on the (i) icon in the lower-right and selecting "Email Me!"

Have fun playing the Mega Millions Lotto, and Good Luck!

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For iPhone 4/5 & iPad