AMP Athlete

AMP Athlete

For iPhone 4/5 & iPad
1.0May 21, 2013
1.1.2Aug. 12, 2013
Frameworks Used
  • CoreData
  • CoreGraphics
  • MessageUI
  • MKNetworkKit
  • CKCalendar

The AMP Athlete app provides players the capability to track their daily wellness, which is integrated with the AMP Sport system. This app will track heart rate, illness, hours slept, sleep quality, fatigue, mood, stress, motivation — and report back to the system. Coaches will be alerted of outliers and requests for contact immediately.

AMP Athlete is the second iPhone & iPad app that I developed for AMP Sport in 2013. I worked on all aspects from gathering requirements, initial creation, coding, defining server APIs, UI/UX, design, and app store deployment.


  • Login with password reset
  • Email support
  • Wellness reporting and tracking
  • Custom notes
  • Daily stats calendar
  • All functionality works offline and syncs to server once back online

AMP Athlete is no longer available on the App Store.