AMP Coach

AMP Coach

For iPhone 4/5 & iPad
1.0Dec. 20, 2012
2.0Nov. 24, 2013
Frameworks Used
  • CoreData
  • CoreMedia
  • CoreGraphics
  • AVFoundation
  • ImageIO
  • MessageUI
  • MKNetworkKit
  • PullToRefreshView

Athlete Management Platform (AMP) is a software platform for professional athletes and their coaches for improving athletic performance by optimizing management processes.

AMP Coach is an iPhone & iPad app for coaches to use to log training sessions while offline and sync that information to their athletes’ profiles once back online.

This was the first app that I created for AMP Sport, written in Objective-C from scratch during the second half of 2012, and contributed to in 2013. I worked with the project manager and server team in creating APIs as well as all aspects of UI/UX, design, and app store deployment.


  • Login with password reset
  • Email support
  • Search & list athletes with profile photos
  • Log and retrieve training session notes
  • Contact athletes and teams through phone, text, and email
  • Capture photos and video, with title, description, and athlete tagging
  • All functionality works offline and syncs to server once back online

AMP Coach is no longer available on the App Store.