Custom Cut

Custom Cut

For iPhone 4/5 & iPad
1.0July 24, 2014
2.0Nov. 15, 2014
2.1Feb. 19, 2015
RemovedJuly 2015
Frameworks Used
  • CoreGraphics
  • CoreAnimation
  • AVFoundation
  • GPUImage
  • AFNetworking
  • TOWebViewController

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Custom Cut captures your measurements for custom made-to-order and off the rack clothing. With just two pictures we calculate your sizes without visiting a tailor or using a measuring tape. Using Custom Cut, you can confidently purchase tailored products, such as jackets, suits, shirts, and even off the shelf items, knowing they will fit to your own specific dimensions.

With Custom Cut, I worked on all aspects of app creation and deployment, including planning and design, native Objective-C programming, graphics editing, app screenshot marketing and deployment to the App Store.

Development included implementing account creation and login views with animated UI. I solved seamless integration between 2 separate server APIs: a shopping service, and a custom computer vision compute server. I replaced and improved an initial prototype UI/UX with a pan and zoom interface for body measurements, developing custom algorithms, and using Core Graphics and Animation. Then I refined it further using edge detection to fit measurements to body outlines. Delievered measurements to backend server for further refinement and processing. Integrated debugging & demo options through the Settings App, and seemless shopping through a modified web view.

The Custom Cut app and website were taken down in mid-July 2015 due to lack of funds. Below are screenshots of the app on the App Store, and to your left is a video of it in action. We later reduced the number of measurements required to a subset of what's shown in the video.

App Store Screenshots
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