Digital Domain

Digital Domain

For iPhones 5-7+ & iPad
1.0 - PeaceIsLoudDec 4, 2016
3.0 - D. DomainApr 2, 2017
1.0.5 - ViarealMay 25, '17
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Digital Domain #PeaceIsLoud (Nobel Peace Prize Concert) Viareal (Sweden)
Conan O'Brian introduces the #PeaceIsLoud App!

Have you ever been in a class 5 tornado? Taken care of wild gorillas in Africa? Now you can! Jump into the world of VR video with Digital Domain's exclusive content including a sneak peek at the upcoming original series, The Monkey King.

This is the second iOS app that I developed for Digital Domain in 2016-'17. As a senior iOS developer working with a talented team of developers and designers, I rewrote the front-end of the company's flagship app while integrating a 360° video player and API framework.

This app was a rewrite of the Rio app with a brand new design. There's a new sliding-cell user interface on the explore screen, a new collections dropdown picker, and integrated custom video & image banner ads. On the search interface we've added Suggested Topics. There's improved integration with the Content Management System (CMS), as well as improved multi-language support including media content.

The app is designed to be styled and customized using the CMS. I've deployed 3 apps from this codebase so far, including the flagship Digital Domain app, the PeaceIsLoud app for the Nobel Peace Prize concert, and the Viareal app for a Nordic-region broadcast company.

Available on:
iOS, Android, GearVR, HTC Vive, Google Daydream, PSVR, and Oculus Rift.

Watch a video of the apps in action on your left, or download it yourself. I worked on the iOS version while others on my team worked on the other devices.

In the News:


  • Live streaming and playing of 360° videos
  • Multi-Camera coverage to view from different camera perspectives
  • Cardboard mode for VR headsets
  • Download and save videos for later playback
  • Push notifications when live event is starting
  • 360° splash image responds to user movement
  • Dynamic remote updating of images, colors, and styles
  • Share on social media
  • Search function
  • Analytics

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