For iPhone 4
1.0July 2012
Frameworks Used
  • CoreImage
  • CoreText
  • CoreGraphics
  • StoreKit
  • MessageUI
  • FacebookSDK
  • MKNetworkKit
  • ILColorPicker

Graffwriter is a fun vector graphics editor using fonts, images, color controls, and effects to allow the user to create custom graffiti artwork saying any word or phrase that they choose. Using layers to organize text and art objects, the iPhone user can quickly create unique artwork for any imaginable purpose.

Save and load editable artboard files, or export images to your device. Share artwork with friends through Facebook and email. Choose from a variety of graffiti fonts and artwork, or download additional items through in-app purchasing.

I developed Graffwriter for a client while working at an agency in 2012. The client provided an initial design document, and all graphical and font resources used in the app. I was the sole developer working on all aspects from beginning to end, including planning & architecture, UI/UX coding & design, native Objective-C programming, and managing graphical resources.


  • Save & Load artboards to local storage which can be modified later
  • Graphics and text saved as layers, which can be reordered similar to Photoshop
  • Position, resize, and rotate images and text
  • Apply effects such as gradient fills, border thickness, and shadows to text
  • Select color using a color picker
  • Apply color effects and gradients to Stencil and Paint images
  • Apply transparency effects to any layer
  • Select from dozens of available fonts and artwork assets, including Clip Art, Stencils, Paint, Background, and Cityscape images
  • Purchase & Download additional Fonts & Graphics using In-App purchasing
  • Purchase Fonts for the computer through iTunes
  • Import photos from Camera Roll which can be used like any other graphics with effects
  • Export final artwork to Camera Roll
  • Share graffiti art with friends through Facebook or direct email
  • Read help docs in embedded WebView

Graffwriter is not currently available on the App Store.